How Much It Will Cost to Add a Bathroom in the Basement?

How Much It Will Cost to Add a Bathroom in the Basement?

The best way to add value to your house is by building a bathroom in your basement. Not only will it add value, but will also make your house a better place to live. Having an extra bathroom downstairs can save time and reduce dependency on one bathroom for a growing family.

However, this is not as simple as it seems. Your expenses will be doubled and will require a lot of effort. If want to know how much it will cost to add a bathroom in your basement check our article!

Cost of Adding a Bathroom in Your Basement

Adding a bathroom will cost around $3000 to $26000. The range of price depends on whether you have extra space for a bathroom in your basement or you need to build one. 

The size of your bathroom will depend on:

Budget: If your budget is low you can have a half bathroom rather than a full one.

Space: If you have a large space, you can build a bigger bathroom. However, smaller half bathroom will take 6 to 10 feet of space.

Added value: if you want your house to have a higher resale value, you can build a large bathroom. This will increase the resale amount by 20%. However, a half bathroom will increase your house’s value by 10.9%.

Budget Breakdown 

We have broken down the budget cost of building a bathroom on your basement for you in this section.  

To install pipes you need $600-$1800 on every fixture. However, the total cost depends on the number of fixtures you want to install.

  • The door will cost $100-$300.
  • Shower heads and faucet: $50-$300
  • Ceramic tiles: $3-$20 per square foot
  • Toilet installation: $300-$600
  • Mirror: $150
  • Floor tiles (normal): $2 per square foot
  • Cabinets: $350-$450 per square foot
  • Electricity: $70-$80 per hour cost of an electrician. 
  • Labor cost will range from : $1000-$6000

Additional Costs

Ventilation Requirements: Ventilation is important for every room and even for bathrooms. A well-ventilated space ensures good health and hygiene.

If you want to add a bathroom in your basement you will need to add a window for air to circulate properly. You will also need to install ducts and fans which may cost an additional $300-$400. 

Electrical Requirements: You will also need to install electrical outlets on a GCFI circuit to protect you against wet areas in your bathroom.

If your house is old, a GCGI circuit will not be available. It will cost you around $20 for it. There are also additional labor costs from around $140 to $160 to install it. 

Pros of Having a Bathroom in Your Basement

Having a bathroom in your basement will be beneficial if you have a big family. It will be convenient for guests too. As guests will appreciate the fact of not going to your bedroom upstairs for using the bathroom.

If you frequently expect people at your place, you can add a full bathroom and make your guests feel at home. If your basement is used as a playing room, an entertainment lounge, or as a gym, having a bathroom downstairs would be essential in that case. 

What Do You Need to Be Aware of for Adding a Bathroom?

For starters, your builders should be licensed. You would need to take special permission depending on the state or area you live in. You might have to apply officially to request for building a bathroom in your basement. 

Rent Your Basement to a Tenant

If you are not using your basement why not rent it? However, no one would want to live in a basement without a bathroom. If you add a bathroom in your basement it will have all the facilities that a comfortable living room does. 

Bottom Line

Now that you know how much it will cost to add a bathroom in your basement you can start planning right away. Consult with an expert before building a bathroom and also ask for a budget breakdown before starting the project. All the best!

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