7 Best Outdoor Games for Teenagers

Best Outdoor Games for Teenagers

Nowadays, there is no doubt that parents immensely struggle to get their children, especially those in their teenage years, to play outside. With rising concern that the outdoors are getting increasingly unsafe and construction projects taking up more and more open space out, it is pretty natural that teenagers rarely go outside to play.

However, even though some video games keep teenagers distracted from going out, there are many outdoor games for teenagers to give them a joyful time of recreation and a minor relapse from the rut in their rooms. It is indispensable, though, that parents constantly support their teenage kids in this endeavor and accompany them whenever possible.

7 Fun & Best Outdoor Games for Teenagers

Teenage years span over a long period, and the preferences and moods of teenagers change a lot over this period. In the list below, we outline a few simple yet enjoyable outdoor games which teenagers would love to play:

1. Catch 


It’s one of the simplest games that parents can enjoy with their teenage kids. The process is as straightforward as it can be – grab any type of ball (preferably a football), throw it across a large field or even your backyard, and the person on the other end catches it.

The best part is that any teenager can enjoy a little game of catch with their parents or siblings, ranging from thirteen-year-olds to nineteen-year-olds.

2. Paintball Fight

Paintball fight is one of the more complex games that require several functional gears, but it is definitely worth all the investment because of just how fun it can be. Ideally, you would play this game with at least four people, but it can also be played between two people.

It is important to note that you must have the necessary protective gear to avoid the hard-hit that the paintballs can have on you. However, there are simpler versions of the paintball guns that would not require protective gears.

For instance, you can use simple water guns, fill them with paint, form groups, and shoot each other with color!

3. Soccer

This is a game that is a staple of European and Asian teenage culture. You do not need the regular 11-on-11 to have a game of soccer. You can simply grab a soccer ball, mark out two goal posts in your backyard, and enjoy a mini-game of soccer with your little brother or even your parents.

It will not only be a fun game but will be an excellent physical exercise for your body.

4. Badminton


A quick game of badminton can be a good pastime for teenagers, especially on winter days when there is not much wind. All you need are two badminton rackets and a cork, and you are all set.

If you want to get fancier, then you can definitely set up a net and create a professional badminton court to make the game more formal. Either way, it can provide you an easy and low-stress gateway to some outdoor fun.

 5. Frisbee

Throwing around a Frisbee can be fun with lots of physical activity, especially in large fields where you can exert force in flying the Frisbee. If you are skilled, you can also curve the circular disk in the air to actually bring it back close to you from where you threw it.

Teenagers can enjoy this game not only with their friends or siblings but even with their pet animals. 

6. Bowling

You can become creative with the tools you have at your disposal and turn your backyard into a makeshift bowling alley. All you will need is cardboard or plywood to make the platform, powder it enough so the ball can roll freely, and then roll your ball towards the pin on the plywood.

You can also move away from using a proper bowling kit and even resort to other balls (such as basketballs) and various objects as bowling pins.

7. Kite flying

Although this is something traditionally Asian, anybody can try our kite flying if you want to feign flying into the sky! Kites are not easy to find if you live in the west, but with the help of some YouTube videos, you can definitely make one for yourself.

The best part about kite flying is that it is a game you can play totally on your own. It gives you a sense of freedom which is very important for teenagers, and it can be very therapeutic.

Final Thoughts

Teenagers often need some meaningful and fun getaway outside so they can take a breather. All of the outdoor games discussed above are great options for teenagers. Nonetheless, our favorite pick from the lot would be the makeshift bowling one which can be very innovative and fun at the same time.

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