What is a Daylight Basement? A Beginner’s Guide

What is a Daylight Basement?

If you have your property on a slope, you can design a nice daylight basement. You can design your house in such a way that the slope of your foundation allows contractors to build windows above ground.

Daylight basement is a great option for all houses built on inclined lands. Moreover, daylight basements cut off your cost to even out your building’s foundation. If you want to know what is a daylight basement, check our article!

What is a Daylight Basement?

Just as its name suggests daylight basements are basements that stay illuminated with light and are not underground. They have windows that are above the ground or on ground level. You can see and communicate outside from there.

Daylight basements are half to full-sized rooms with doors that lead to the outside. These basements are built if the building contractors build the foundation 8 feet below and keep space for windows and doors.

Perks of Having a Daylight Basement

Enjoy nature: You can enjoy natural view and topology. 

Allows easy access: It allows you to have multiple access to other floors. You can have one staircase inside and the other outside.

Cost-effective: Cuts down your cost to construct foundation floors

Make use of extra space: A large amount of wanted space is put to work as a living space

Allows more light to enter: If you want your rooms to be illuminated, daylight basements allow more light to enter your house due to their expansive windows.

Extra rooms: You can convert the daylight basement into an occasional guest room while you are having extra guests

Space for entertainment: you can also convert the daylight basement into a gaming room, home theater space, or gym. 

Daylight vs Walkout Basements

Many people confuse daylight basement with walkout basements. They might look the same, but they do have few differences. For instance, a daylight basement has windows that allow you to see outside, while walkout basements have doors that allow you to move out. One has windows and the other has doors only. 

The option of having a door can allow you to utilize these spaces differently. If your basement does not have a window it will prevent you from turning it into a bedroom. Moreover, walkout basements cost more than daylight basements. You need more space and additional cost to add a door than a window.

However, if you want to add additional value to your house and want it to have emergency exists we suggest you go for walkout basements.

Things to Consider While Building a Daylight Basement

There are a few things you need to consider before building a daylight basement. 

First of all, you need to examine the condition of the soil where you are going to build a house with a daylight basement. 

For instance, if your land is rocky or located on or near a bedrock that is close to the surface it will not be cost-effective for you. You will have to excavate a lot to create the foundation of the daylight basement. This will be a way for expensive than any monetary value that will add to your house with the daylight basement.

Next, you need to see how high the slope is, because your foundation needs to be of at least 8 to 9 feet below for you to build the daylight basement. If you want to build a daylight basement, and your sloped land is not more than 6 feet, this means you will have to dig 2 – 3 feet deeper for its foundation. 

Will Having a Daylight Basement Add to Taxes?

Yes, having a daylight basement will increase the overall value of the house. This means you will have to pay a higher amount of tax for your house. However, the amount of tax increase will depend on the location of your house. Read more about it here.

Bottom Line

After reading this article, you should know all about “what is a daylight basement?”. It is good to have a daylight basement. You can use it for many purposes and it will offer more natural light and make your house look bright.

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