What is A Garden Tub: Everything You Need to Know About It

What is A Garden Tub

Garden tubs, despite the word “garden” in them, have nothing to do with gardens! To the superficial eye, garden tubs might just appear as more enormous bathtubs in your regular bathroom. However, garden tubs have several unique, idiosyncratic features that set them apart from their traditional counterparts.

What is a Garden Tub?

Garden tubs are luxurious tubs that are much larger in dimensions than regular bathtubs. They give you a very superior experience while taking baths with their deluxe shape and size. They are similar to a Jacuzzi, but smaller, and can be easy to accommodate in your bathroom. Unlike regular bathroom tubs, it is easy to fit your entire body in garden tubs and get the ultimate experience of a wholesome bath!

Back Story of Garden Tubs

It is only natural if the question pops into your mind why these tubs are called “garden” tubs. The primary reason behind it is that the tubs were actually placed in gardens once upon a time.

Back in the day, it was pretty popular among wealthy European noblemen and women to have big tubs in their gardens. The idea was that they could enjoy the view of their exquisite gardens while having a bath. Hence, the term “garden tub” came into existence.

Cost of Garden Tubs

As garden tubs are generally luxury products, most of them are made of very high-quality materials such as acrylic, zinc, or cast iron. This causes the price of the tubs to be relatively high. The average range of garden tub prices is around $3,000 to $5,000.

Moreover, garden tubs with such good material generally mean that the weight of the tubs is very high, which would increase the cost of installing the garden tubs in your bathroom.

In addition, garden tubs are also sometimes made from plastic, which makes the garden tubs weigh less and causes the prices to decrease significantly. For example, many plastic garden tubs in the market today cost around $500 to $1,000, which is a huge bargain. However, these are generally easy to transport and install in your bathroom.

Secondly, the maintenance cost of garden tubs might be pretty high depending on the volume of your specific model. One high cost is the water bill for filling the tub every time you want to refill it. Due to its large dimensions, it generally takes a lot of water to serve and have a bath. Moreover, if you use pumps to fill the tub quickly, it will increase your electricity bill.

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Structure of Garden Tubs

The standard dimensions of the average garden tub are 60 inches in length, 40 inches in width, and 25 inches in height. However, they can vary significantly in shape and size. Garden tubs can be rectangular, circular, and even triangular.

For instance, based on whether you choose a circular or rectangular garden tub, the dimension will vary significantly. The depth of the garden type varies a lot too, but it always much more than regular tubs. 

Garden tubs are made from acrylic, cast iron, or stone resin, which traps the heat and keeps the water in the tub insulated. Moreover, these materials generally give the tub a very polished and lavish look. Some garden tubs are also made from plastic, but they are not very good at keeping the water in them heated for long. This can decrease the quality of experience you have in the tub because of low heat retention.

Gardens tubs generally stand freely in the bathroom, i.e., they are not attached to the bathroom walls. This means that garden tubs do not have access to shower heads coming from the bathroom walls. The primary source of water is jet sprays from the tub, which can be used to refill the tub. This means if you want a spray of water into the tub, you might have to get an external pipe or shower head to bring a jet of water into the tub.

Final Thoughts

Garden tubs can definitely add a whole new luxurious vibe to your bathroom and give you a relaxing and comfortable bath experience. However, it can be pretty expensive to purchase, install, and maintain a garden tub, but it can definitely be worth every penny.

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